Swashbuckling Graffiti

A few months ago I was in Bristol and wandering around I saw much of the graffiti for which it is famous, but some things really caught my eye. Here be sea monsters! I do love that an underpass or a blank wall can become something beautiful (and not just squiggles or paint as you find along the railways)





Love Food Festival

Last Sunday was the Love Food Festival at Green Park Market, and if theres a celebration of food (with samples) count me in. The place was bustling and often quite difficult to get to the stalls but it was worth it.

Here are some of my hilights: The first thing that caught my eye and I made a bee-line to were these gorgeous panettone tins. Ive often wanted to buy one at christmas but I’ve also been looking for one that comes in an amazing tin and here I find them. The lady said they should be up on the La Bottega fine foods website in a few weeks (and free delivery if you’re local wooo!) – just don’t buy them all before I get the nice ones

la bottega fine foods stall panatone tins

The lovely Mrs Stokes was there with her beautiful vintage china (thats where the majority of my teapot collection comes from… and cups…). Riverford who supply me with our weekly supply of vegetables were so sweet and gave me a free tote bag when I went to say hi. Really yummy local cheese from The Bath Soft Cheese Co. They’ve been producing cheese on their farm for over 20 years. Rose Petal wine, Strawberry wine, Ginger wine, time for a tipple. The rose wine was so sweet and delicious from Field Bar Fruit Wines from who I bought a dinky bottle. Falafel with dates for lunch and so many cake stalls to choose from and i even got to try a raw chocolate brownie.

love food festival stalls

The thing about food fairs is that when it comes to the buying part they can be a little overwhelming, usually too many things you want to buy which would end up costing far too much. My advice is to set a budget before you go and say something like “Today I will spend £15 of delicious treats” (or whatever your budget, even “I will buy one thing for £3”). Try the samples, buy a cake or burger or something you wouldn’t normally find, them work out what you’d really like best for your budget. Instead of coming away regretful of not buying the expensive things you will have a lovely small collection of treats to taste and enjoy at your leisure.

The full stall list with links to online shops can be found on the love food website and dates of more events, the next one is Bristol 30th October

Sophisticated Sailor Girl

Brighton closed merrygoround

A few weeks ago the gentleman of the house went to Brighton for a techy conference, and along I went too, soley for the purpose of shopping and cake eating. Both produced fruitful results (although the latter resulted in groans of uuuuu too much cake)

I was wearing my Laura Ashley 50’s style sundress (with the postcard print) when i remembered the first rule of the seaside – don’t wear a circle skirt – wear a pencil skirt – its windy!

The highlight of the day was my visit to Dollydagger to buy these gorgeous 2 dresses which I’ve been wanting for 2 years ever since i saw this photo of someone wearing the blue one on flickr. The dresses are by Bettie Paige Clothing and are the most amazing fit ever, especially for those of a curvy nature. They make you go out and in all the right places.

Betty Paige Captain flare dress blue

Betty Paige Red Captain pencil dress

Images from www.bettiepageclothing.com