Reasons to get my ears pierced (again)

When I was seven I got my ears pierced. My only remembrance of this was at the Sunday School Nativity where I was one of the wise men (Score! This was way better than being an angel or a sheep like at school or play group). The wise men were exotic and this was something I was trying to emulate by attempting a turban with my shiny hairband and wearing dangly earrings with large bunches of plastic fruit. Anyway I assume that I didn’t look after my ears properly because within a year they had healed up.

The first thing I did when I left school was to get my ears pierced again (my friends were getting tattoos but I didn’t want one then – I mean I love the idea of tattoos but how do you choose something meaningful that will last you your whole life!?). Anyway then I got my nose done and then my ears a second time. For a long time dangly earrings were very much my thing, although unfortunately after about 8 years and some dodgy studs they went manky and eventually healed up.

I still haven’t got round to getting them done again. In truth its not the pain, but the uncomfortableness of having to sleep in them for around the first 6 months. This Autumn I am determined to get them done again (I have a recomendation of a good place) and THIS is why:

Death Star Earrings!!!!!! found on Etsy by Sudlow Jewelry


Then Forbidden Planet has Portal and Dalek ones (although sold out at the mo)




Etsy does seem a good place to find scifi related jewellery, from storm troopers to time turners, xbox controllers to 1up mushrooms and nuka cola caps. Now let us just see if I will walk through that door this year and say yes I want to wear earrings again, so that someday I can be walking about and others may think I am just wearing some pretty patterned circles, but I will know that its actually a moon sized military battlestation armed with a planet-destroying superlazer! (… it’s cultural ok 🙂 )

A note on ear health. I have been advised to throw out all my old earrings which may contain dodgy metals or become tarnished (remember this is an open wound in your body till the skin grows round – something which luckily happened for my mum but oddly not for me). This alas may have to happen for my studs and hoops but for the dangly ones I can just buy new hooks and jewellery pliers and do a bit of swapping.



Three Yellow Suits (and a kettle)

Yesterday morning I just couldn’t resist taking a peek inside Hobbs as I was passing, and immediately fell in love with this jacket and skirt. Unfortunately I have no need for a suit, however as separates I can imagine wearing them loads. (just wish I had the cash for them)


On arriving home I settled down with a cup of coffee and started leafing through this month’s Vogue ‘More Dash than Cash’ suppliment and low and behold what caught my eye but this Emilia Wickstead yellow suit (its picture 3). I’m loving the skirt length and the jacket is more a coat than an indoor jacket. Perfect for coordinating when out in the chilly weather.


I then got a thinking, what other yellow suits are out there. Preferably tweed of course. What I found was the Ardvreck Tweed Jacket with Peggy Skirt from Blues and Browns.


Ive been very partial to yellow all year. I really want this kettle


Dreaming of Dolce and Gabbana bags

When I was poorly I spent a lot of time looking on the internet at handbags and shoes, the results of this can be seen on my Spring 2013 (which got a bit overrun) and Handsome Handbags pinterest boards. I unfortunately  fell in love with many a handbag which I cannot afford but looking at their beauty is at least enjoyable.

I fell in love with this, the Dolce and Gabbana Miss Sicily medium deerskin bag. It is classic, elegant and sophisticated (and I can quite imagine my granny with it which means it’s timeless)


The Sicily Classic Tote is the larger style and equally as beautiful


Due to the cost I was quite pleased to find out that it was not quite perfect for me as it doesn’t have an inside zip so at least this has quenched some of my longing. But oh I do want a bag like this, please somebody make one I can afford.

Spring Brogues

This post encompasses two things I love; Spring and Sensible footwear

Once i graduated from my baggy jeans and sneakers lifestyle I tended to live in ballet flats. I have loads of them that I got on sale years ago in New Look for £5 in various colours and they are leather and have lasted really well. I always wore the pale pink pair throughout the summer but these sadly finally had to be thrown our after wandering about the sea in Sri Lanka in them. A couple of years ago brogues started to appear on the scene and I immediately bought a pair of pale brown with floral fabric inserts from Miss Selfridge. I wear them loads during the better weather but always worry I am going to wear them out.

I did a very stupid thing and look on New-a-Porter (land of beautiful things I cant afford) and immediately fell in love with these delightful Robert Clergerie three colour brogues. I have always hesitated before at brogues in a light colour, thinking they would stand out too much but the variation between the lighter and darker shades work really well. As much as I love them (although not totally convinced by the white sole though it’d soon get dirty and darken) I just cant justify the £320


While continuing my perusal of shoes I went on the Dune website (they always have very pretty mens shoes in their shop windows) and was completely smitten with these. I think I actually prefer them to the Robert Clergerie ones and although £79 is more than I would usually pay for a pair of shoes, if they fit well then they would be worth it as I would wear them all the time. The local shop doesnt have them in yet but I am hoping that they will soon so I can find out if they fit as good as they look.


In a lower price range Clarks (£54.99) also do these two tone peachy pinky nude brogues. Im not totally convinced they are for me but they are worth trying on. In Autumn I spent so much time umming and ahhhing over whether I wanted the same style in the patent black or green tweed or red that I never got any.

clarks brogues

Finally I saw these on ASOS and they are just so cute but I dont know whether I should order them to try on or not. The colour means that they would go with less outfits, but they are just so cute!


A dress for Lorraine found at Lindy Bop

Back in May I wrote a post about recreating the outfits worn by Lorraine in Back to the Future, and indicated a problem in finding a match for this dress. (image source)

lorraine dress original

However I have found this purple dress by Lindy Bop which I am quite hankering after for myself.


Lindy Bop, is a range of vintage inspired dresses, of which they have a gorgeous range. I pretty much live in dresses and vintage inspired are my favourite styles for both the fit and the length (usually just below the knee). So many dresses in high street stores that are ‘vintage inspired’ tend to be way too short and so companies like these are like gold. There are so many dresses here that I want and the prices are really reasonable. The downside to buying online is not knowing what the fit will be like, although i’m tempted to order one or two when I next have a bit of cash, and usually once you know how a make fits you can transfer it to the rest of the range (i.e if you are a 12 or a 14, or M or L, something which I’ve found out already for Bettie Paige Clothing when I bought my sailor dresses)

South West Bloggers Christmas Party


Yes, I know, I meant to get round to posting this ages ago but it slipped through the net whoops. Back in November I found out about the South West Bloggers Christmas Party (via Hayley) and immediately booked a ticket. I’ve never been to a blogging event before and was really excited to meet new people with similar interests. Joining the South West Bloggers Network (facebook) is a great way to meet new people and discover new blogs.

The Party was held in The Birdcage in Bristol, a lovely cafe in Bristol which is also part vintage shop and part stage for musicians. I was rather tempted by some rather fun Christmas jumpers, and there was a lovely square scarf with blue elephants on it (whoever took the photo of me holding it and pulling a silly face, id love to see).  The event was also in aid on Macmillan, a very worthy cause supporting people, friends and families affected by cancer.


I arrived only knowing one person but settling down with a cup of tea and some cake i started chatting with various lovely ladies. Im afraid that I was having such a lovely time that i hardly took any photos. There was a wide selection of teas in pretty china and I had some nice coffee cake. Later on there was even a teacup full of bubbly with mini strawberries. When we arrived we were given a little piece of coloured felt which organised us into teams for the quiz, this was great because it got you meeting even more people. This was where i totally failed, I really know nothing about high fashion and such things but it was very fun having a giggle and trying to guess the answers. The team I was in did come last BUT we won the best team name, Lets Get Quizzy With It, and won more cake! Wooo Cake!



There were even surprise gifts under the Christmas Tree (I waited till Christmas Day to open mine). I got a lovely little goodie bag from Macadamia, I haven’t used the hair products yet but the hair brush is brilliant and i’ve switched to using it every day (thanks!). There was also a little party bag at the end with sweets and this gorgeous butterfly scarf which matched my outfit for the day. The evening ended with some live bands and much more chatting and I had such a lovely time.

I know its a bit late but thank you to all the organisers, to the Birdcage, the bands and the companies who gave us the christmas presents.

A Tradition of Christmas Pyjamas

It has become a tradition that every year I buy myself a new pair of pyjama bottoms for December. These are ‘lounging’ pyjamas as in what to wear mooching about the house when you aren’t intending to really get properly dressed. I like to have something a little special, the first I got pink cheque with silver sparkles, then some amazing ones that pink unicorns and pink castles and pink peacocks (etc…you get the picture). Since i’m busy saving for the wedding this year I thought I wouldnt bother but then I looked at the River Island website. My rule is not to buy something unless it makes you go ‘oooooooh wow amazing’ but I was spoilt for choice.


The floral ones were in the shop and were a little thin for winter, unfortunately they didnt have the others. Although the leopard is, well leopard, and the reindeer ones are nice I am totally in love with the baroque tiger ones. I’ve never bought pyjamas online before and am a little hesitant as I usually go 2 sizes up with pyjamas but they usually have a tie waist so maybe i’ll go one up and see how I go

This summer I had been thinking of getting myself some satin pyjamas to wear around the house at weekends but had trouble finding the perfect pair so I think I’ll revisit that in spring when its not so cold but here are my top choices. The main problem was paying for nice satin ones when for only £20 you could get silk.

satin pyjamas

Satin and Lace Pyjamas at Boux Avenue and Green Silk Pyjamas at Patra

Baroque Blazers

In summer the population starts dressing in bright colours, in winter I always feel its more about the texture, Velvet, Lace, Damask, Jacquard, Satin and Sequins. The season is much darker and the evenings are longer and the night brings itself into our clothing. Baroque is an art movement which I admired since I was tiny; drama, exuberance and grandeur in art, architecture and design. If you are feeling a little opulent here are some baroque jackets


(L to R ) Purple symmetrical print boxy blazer £60 River Island , Bonded lace jacket £60 (reduced from £120) Phase Eight , Paisley peplum blazer £37 Miss Selfridge , Dandy wallpaper blazer £68 Topshop , Baroque embellished jacket £85 Miss Selfridge

Theres even something gorgeous for the gentlemen out there, if a little pricey

Season for Sequins

December is undoubtably the season for sequins, and not just a little embellishment but ALL OVER sequins. I think there’s something about the darkest time of year that makes us want to sparkle, sort of a human version of christmas lights. I saw this black gown (yes its not just a dress it’s a Gown!) in French Connection and immediately was longing for an occasion (and the cash) to wear it, im thinking some spectacular function from a spy film. They also have this sleeveless number for a more slinky appearance.

Last year on impulse I bought this green dress, I think it was the colour that enticed me. It was a little large (they only had 1 size left) but it wasn’t too bad. The dress has a very low back so you can’t wear a bra and has a tendency to slip off the shoulders (tape will be needed). I had planned to wear it to my work xmas party but I was ill and couldn’t go, so its been sitting in my wardrobe ever since. Also i’ve lost some weight so i’m really not sure what to do with it. The question is what kind of an occasion do you wear all sequins to? Admittedly you could just wear it down to the pub if you wanted to. All over sequins make quite heavy material so you must’t be going anywhere too hot, but this also means that it can help hide some of the lumps and bumps that you cant hide with thin skin tight material. I really need an occasion to wear this, maybe i’ll just make one. Anyone fancy dressing up?

green sequin dress

Of course if you really want to wow wear red! Two fabulous examples of this are Eva Green as Angelique Bouchard in Dark Shadows

Image Source

…and of course Jessica Rabbit (whom I idolised growing up)

Image Source

Winter Knits

You know the ones I mean, its the christmas jumpers, usually argyle ones with snowflakes and things around the top. For a few years i’d been wanting one of these and last autumn I found the fox cardigan. Last week I saw a jumper in a shop window. It was brown and white with two reindeer and pine trees. I had to have it. There was a bit of a worry when it vanished from the window (the Yellow Shop on Walcott St, Bath sells second hand/vintage clothing so it was likely to be a one off) but there it was on Saturday… and another one two. I really couldn’t decide which was nicer and in the end thought hey ho, together they cost the same as the fox cardigan so why not, I mean they are the nicest I’ve ever seen in a shop. Im wearing the light brown one as I type this. Its so cozy and they are both going to become a prominent fixture in my wardrobe this autumn/winter. Whats nice is its not a christmas jumper, its a winter forest jumper.

p.s. if you do ant a christmas jumper they have a whole rail of them at the back of the shop but as the shop assistant said, they’re gonna go by december.