Ilkley: Bettys

Around The World in Tea and Cake

Bettys Cyelon blue sapphire tea

For years i have wanted to go to Betty’s Tea Rooms and finally last week i was taken there for lunch (because it was ‘so me’). So exciting! I couldn’t take a photo of the front since it was pouring down but its a beautiful old fashioned frontage through which you can see the patisserie and bakery counter and the tea counter (take a peek at all the beautiful photos on the website). Ive been in the shop part and bought macarons before but never been in the cafe. Its been around for donkeys years so the old fashioned feel inside (and the artwork of 1920’s adverts) isn’t put on, its genuine. The downside was the 15 or so minute wait to be seated, but hey it was Easter Holidays, and the old ladies in the queue had seats to sit on while they waited. Also they’re child friendly too, as soon as we sat down my sister was provided with crayons and an activity sheet

The cafe is quite lovely and nicely old fashioned with stained glass windows. I had Eggs Benedict, Cyelon Blue Saphire Tea then Gateau L’Opera to finish. The food was incredibly delicious and the tea came properly. The leaves were left in the pot but you have a second pot of hot water to add to it later. I think the pot made 4 or 5 cups of tea altogether! The cake i can only describe as ‘intense’. Ive been promised a trip to the Harrogate cafe sometime which I’m really looking forward to.

Bettys Gateau LOpera

Bettys also have an online shop which sells their own blends of tea as well as Taylors of Harrogate coffee and chocolates biscuits and preserves


London: Prufrock

Around the World in Tea and Cake (& Coffee again)

The Gentleman of the house has been wanting to take me here for ages and the other weekend we popped in for a coffee. Located in the City of London Prufrock is dedicated to providing people decent coffee

“our message is really to approach your coffee like you are a cook. Weigh your ingredients, regulate temperatures, time your extractions, clean your equipment, and read and taste as much as you can so you know what you have sourced and love what you are serving” – Prufrock Website

A light and airy large room with a counter bearing pastries and a brew bar where you can see the coffee being made. Theres probably a load more I could say about coffees and science but I only nipped in for an espresso (very nice) and may have more to say when I return again. When we went there it was really quiet but apparently its usually busy. They have a huge array of coffee making equipment available to buy

They also run a barista resource and training centre catering from individuals to groups

Bath: The Canary

Around the World in Tea and Cake

I heard about The Canary via Mrs Stokes, and on walking past could see people using pretty china teacups and the food on the counter looked rather delicious.

I went first with Hayley and had carrot and apricot soup (how random!) but soon after that I discovered the broccoli quiche with Waldorf Salad. Oh its so Yum. They have quite a range of leaf teas to chose from which come in pretty mismatched teapots and cups.

Sri Lanka: Roadside Cafe

Around the World in Tea and Cake

When we were in Sri Lanka on our way to Kandy our driver stopped at a little roadside cafe. This was just perfect as we’d been on the road since around 6am and had not had a proper breakfast. Im unsure of the location but if the GPS on the camera can be believed then its somewhere near Horana in the Western Province (though thats just a guess)

We had a beautiful pot of Ceylon tea and fresh pineapple. What we learned from the cafe owner is that its really nice dipped in salt and pepper (although this varies with variety ofpineapple sweet or sourness)

Bath: Colonna and Smalls

Around the World in Tea and Cake (oh and Coffee too)

“Our shop is all about exploring the flavour of coffee, focusing on how region, variety, processing, roast and brew method affect the taste” – Colonna & Smalls

Where best to start than with my favourite coffee shop Colonna and Smalls, where you will often find me sat at the brew bar mesmerised by the Syphon (otherwise known by me as the magical science coffee, ooh pretty lights)

The shop opened in a small room a couple of years ago and expanded and expanded till they moved to their current bright and airy premises last year. They run three espressos at a time (single origin and blended) which change all the time. The board has tasting notes for both drinking it black or combined with milk. They also run three filter methods, the Syphon, the Aeropress and the Clever dripper with a different coffee on each. Also they have nice cake and pastries

The staff are really helpful and friendly, helping you decide which bean or method will best suit your tastes. The menus also give you helpful information. As a regular customer they’ve got to know my likes and dislikes (Likes: Earthy, Dislikes: Bright) and can help me chose which coffee will be right for me that day.I love the excitement of reading the tasting notes and trying to find the smells and flavours. Thanks guys for opening my eyes (and nose and taste buds) to this fantastic world of coffee I never previously knew about

p.s If you want to know more about the magical science coffee ill be writing a separate post about it, once I’ve done my homework so i can explain it right… oh and the fancy cold coffee apparatus (below)

Around the World in Tea and Cake

Tea and rhubarb cake

Something I really enjoy out of life is relaxing in a tea or coffee shop with a loved one or friends enjoying a delicious drink and a tasty treat. Many of us have a favourite place to regularly partake this pastime, but what if your traveling or visiting a new city – where you go

To keep a record of my most memorable visits I have decided to include a feature on this Blog: Around the World in Tea and Cake! Some are recommendations from friends (or the internet) and some are discovered by chance. I have quite a collection of places to write up here and hopefully ill be discovering many more (with the help of my lovely Gentleman and lovely friends)

All posts will be categorised together and named with the location and name, so you can use the link on the sidebar to investigate.

Happy Tea and Cake!