Sun Worshiping (safely)

Talk about “Mad Dogs and Englishmen”, when the sun shines i am instantly drawn to it. Im the girl who crosses the street to walk on the sunny side, but then again good sunny days in the UK are worth savouring. 

Travelling to hot countries for more than sunbathing has led me to appreciate the art of surviving in a hot climate (i.e. walking on  the shady side of the street) but sometimes you really do just want to embrace you inner salamander and bask in those glorious golden rays. 

Over the last few decades we have grown more aware of the dangers of over exposure. Science offers us protection from UVA and UVB and there always seems something new to be aware of. What it really comes down to is your body is reacting to an external source, sunshine gives us essensials the body needs but like all things excess is never good. I love an espresso but know that two will make me wobble and need to lay down. 

While not being a scientist or skincare expert these are a few things which help me look after myself when sunbathing.

Good Timing

Listening to an audiobook takes all the hassle out of reading on a sunbed, no more trying to get comfortable on your stomach or trying to avoid the shadow your book makes on your stomach. The Audible app has a timer so the book will automatically stop when you tell it allowing you to manage when its time to change position or take a break in the shade for your skin to relax

Dont Forget your Bum!

When applying sun cream I always do all over coverage, even the bits you don’t think will be exposed because you never know when your swimsuit is going to shift position slightly. (I learned this one when I was 19, owch!)


Someone may have said “horses sweat, men perspire, but women merely glow”, but if you are lying in the hot sun on a towel you will sweat and I am pretty sure that will remove some of the effectiveness of your suncream, especially if said towel is wiping it off. Dont forget to reapply your suncream!


When in the sun your body is going to dehydrate so keep a bottle of water with you and take care of your skin afterwards with body cream. Im loving a tub of coconut body butter i found in the pound shop, works as a perfume too. 

Happy Feet

Don’t forget the soles of your feet. This can be messy so put the cream on when you are sat down. Alternatively if i’m on my front with the soles exposed I just put flip flops on

Love your Gadgets too says that the iphone 7 has an opperating ambient temperature of 0-35c, however if you want to take care of your technology it probably doesnt want to come sunbathing with you. I like to keep mine protected in a small clutch type bag which I can run my headphones out of if i want. I love my new Betsy Johnson bag (although it does seem to be suffering from slight “flaky skin” in the sun)

All in all you dont want to burn, I have heard people saying it will turn into tan but they wouldn’t be saying that about an oven burn. The one I have on my wrist is still a slightly purply blotch after several months)



Testing testing testing