The Future is Now



Happy Back to the Future day everyone! The future is here, that fantastical time when Marty McFly travelled to October 21st 2015 and rode the ever famous hoverboard. Oh how I wished I could have one when I was little and longed for the day they would be real (however considering my prowess on a skateboard I think i’d be more bumps and bruises and anything else)

So this is what I will be watching tonight and I am super looking forward to it!. I don’t have a long list of what has and hasn’t come true as I haven’t seen it for years (but lots of places already have)

The fashion however… I think i’ll prefer to go with the 1955 look thank you very much (Lorraine style inspiration here and here)

(although technically 4:29pm California time is actually 0:29am 22nd in the UK but thats too pernickety right… 😉 )