Owning a pink kettle

instagram pink tea

My kettle is pink, and i mean bright fuchsia pink. As much as I adore the colour pink i am not usually a fan of any sort on technology being pink (for a start it can often look really tacky), however one day I decided I wanted a pink kettle so I bought this one from Amazon. Being plastic it was reasonably cheap (under £20) and it does tend to spill a bit if you arent pouring very slowly but I really think it was worth it. It makes me happy every time I boil it. Here are a couple of other options. My favourite is the Smeg one, its a lovely shade of light pink and very classy.



Kenwood also do pink, its very vibrant (and personally i prefer the yellow)


There are some things in life that you use every day and if possible make it something you really love. My toaster is the most epic toaster ever, its sage green and looks like it came out of the Jetsons kitchen.


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