Reasons to get my ears pierced (again)

When I was seven I got my ears pierced. My only remembrance of this was at the Sunday School Nativity where I was one of the wise men (Score! This was way better than being an angel or a sheep like at school or play group). The wise men were exotic and this was something I was trying to emulate by attempting a turban with my shiny hairband and wearing dangly earrings with large bunches of plastic fruit. Anyway I assume that I didn’t look after my ears properly because within a year they had healed up.

The first thing I did when I left school was to get my ears pierced again (my friends were getting tattoos but I didn’t want one then – I mean I love the idea of tattoos but how do you choose something meaningful that will last you your whole life!?). Anyway then I got my nose done and then my ears a second time. For a long time dangly earrings were very much my thing, although unfortunately after about 8 years and some dodgy studs they went manky and eventually healed up.

I still haven’t got round to getting them done again. In truth its not the pain, but the uncomfortableness of having to sleep in them for around the first 6 months. This Autumn I am determined to get them done again (I have a recomendation of a good place) and THIS is why:

Death Star Earrings!!!!!! found on Etsy by Sudlow Jewelry


Then Forbidden Planet has Portal and Dalek ones (although sold out at the mo)




Etsy does seem a good place to find scifi related jewellery, from storm troopers to time turners, xbox controllers to 1up mushrooms and nuka cola caps. Now let us just see if I will walk through that door this year and say yes I want to wear earrings again, so that someday I can be walking about and others may think I am just wearing some pretty patterned circles, but I will know that its actually a moon sized military battlestation armed with a planet-destroying superlazer! (… it’s cultural ok 🙂 )

A note on ear health. I have been advised to throw out all my old earrings which may contain dodgy metals or become tarnished (remember this is an open wound in your body till the skin grows round – something which luckily happened for my mum but oddly not for me). This alas may have to happen for my studs and hoops but for the dangly ones I can just buy new hooks and jewellery pliers and do a bit of swapping.