Leopard Print Duck Tape

I used to regularly pass a car accessory shop and in the window was leopard print duct tape. I thought this incredibly cool but somehow never got round to going in. However it was when I learned about the use of wash tape in crafting I thought it would be rather fun to have some (particularly for making pockets in my filofax)



I started to look online and discovered that the tape was from the Duck company which does a mega range of pretty patterns (even Disney’s Frozen!), and though of course the various animal prints are my favourite this ‘dill with it’ one is rather cute

gherkin duck tape

Scotch do patterned duct tape also and I absolutely adore the lips pattern. Unfortunately my local The Works doesn’t have any of their tape (bottom left of collage) as they have a zebra one i’d quite like and its currently 99p

One further thing I found out is you can also get scented duck tape, however if its anything like my scented nail varnish I think i’ll stay away

scented duck tape


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