Companion Zombie short stories



I discovered this post the other day, which although was written a year ago had never been published. The snow globe is from Think Geek

February 2014:

After reading Warm Bodies, I was eager to read the prequel The New Hunger by Isaac Marion. The book is set several years before and follows Nora and Julie as they search for refuge across the devastated country with their families. We see the lengths people take to protect their families and survive and the pain and loneliness of the individuals. We also follow a man who wakes up in the woods not knowing who he is but knowing that there is a craving and he must move forward to satisfy this hunger. This hunger is people, but is it really what he wants. This book is an insight into how the girls became who they are in Warm Bodies, and how doubt conflicts with instinct within the decayed mind.

World War Z has been permanently out at the library so I still haven’t read it yet, I have however seen (and loved) the film. I noticed this small book of short stories Closure, Limited by Max Brooks. Two of the books are related to World War Z and two are stand alone zombie short stories. They are excellent and heartbreaking. They offer melancholy rather than excitement but leave you thinking, oh wow I’m glad somebody dared to write that. They deal with the emotions of loss, hope, desperation, the drive to survive, and the disappointment of regret. It made me cry.


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