Happy New Year


Happy New Year to everyone, may it bring you happiness and good things!

January is traditionally a time for kick starting things in your life and looking towards the future. I don’t personally make New Year resolutions, I make March resolutions. Too many times you can get really excited about something in January but then settle back in your hibernation waiting for winter to end. I find it much easier to make and both keep goals set at the beginning of spring. However the new year is a great time to give goals a boost, and especially the ones which were left to lapse as the nights drew in and the temperatures dropped. So here are my new year goal boosts for the next two months:

  • Remember to moisturise both morning and night. In the summer I’m better at this, especially with the need for spf creams, however the skin needs looking after too in the winter chill
  • Actually go to yoga
  • Make 3 new types of bread, including a sourdough starter
  • Learn a new crochet square pattern
  • Write on this blog at least once a week and catch up on my book reviews
  • Prepare the garden for spring

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