Edible Gifts

parish christmas biscuits

The photo above shows the shortbread and soul cakes which i made for our recent Parishes meeting to add a little festive something.

Edible gifts can be a great present at this time of year, be it a tin of biscuits for a group of people (makes a change from the usual chocolate selection box where everyone leaves the coconut ones) or a few choice treats in a pretty box or bag. Here are some recipes which i recommend

Chocolate Brownies recipe from BBC Good Food (tried and tested and someone declared they were the best he had ever tasted – i used dark chocolate all the way through though swapping it for the milk and white in the recipe)

Chocolate Truffles recipe from BBC Good Food – a bit messy to make but utterly delicious. I made some a few weeks ago and added cherry liquor although i wasn’t really sure you could taste it

Shortbread – recipe can be found on this previous blogpost. From experience with my oven i cook them on the top shelf but see what your oven is like

I like the idea of making fudge although I’ve never tried it and they would look lovely in these pretty snowflake bags from Lakeland

lakeland festive bags



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