Amanda Grange’s dangerous romance and dastardly plots


More Amanda Grange novels and this time romance against the backdrop of spies and secret plots.

Lord Deverill’s Secret by Amanda Grange: Cassandra has arrived in Brighton, a year after the death of her brother, to sell the family town house. With no parents, a mortgaged estate and a young sister to support she is determined to make it through life without having to marry for money (despite her friends matchmaking attempts). She is however concerned about a puzzling letter her brother wrote before he died and goes to see Lord Deverill, a supposed friend of his. Although he assures her nothing is amiss, cogs are in motion and her arrival in Brighton does not go unnoticed, and then there are the accidents. This book combines both passionate longings, and secret plots. Is Lord Deverill her saviour or her enemy?

The Silverton Scandal by Amanda Grange: When Elanor’s stagecoach is held up by a highwayman she is furious, but when she recognises the highwayman to be Lord Silverton she is astonished. Should she expose him, or keep his secret in order to pursue her own private mission. What she doesn’t expect is her electric connection with this man to stir feelings inside her. This book is romance first with the backdrop of blackmail, secret plots and scandal.

I unfortunately have run out of Amanda Grange books in Libraries which are in walking distance, but fear not, it seems the rest are in Taunton (road trip?)


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