Austen for Everyone

The works of Jane Austen are as popular as ever and over the years adaptations have graced our screens. Some, the more traditional adaptations of the BBC and ITV, and other more modern adaptations, my favourite of course being Clueless. These days Austen is everywhere from movies about girls obsessed with Mr Darcy to Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters (p.s. this is a great book).

I was wasting some time while waiting for a bus and discovered that there is indeed an Austen book for everyone





austen action

Marvel Action


And even with a Pulp Fiction cover. The blurb on the back says: “Mrs Bennett is on a mission to marry off her five daughters to rich men. Enter Mr Charles Bingley and his rather fit friend, Darcy. LOVE, LOATHING & BITTERSWEET ROMANCE follow…”


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