The graphical adventures of Hercule Poirot


I was browsing around in the library recently, and was excited to find that the graphic novel selection has somewhat exploded. There were 2 whole shelves, not counting the ones on the stand and those in the children’s section. I do love a good comic. Its a totally different medium of reading a book and some of the artistry is great, and can be so varied in styles.

Not only did I find the usual superhero type comics but also several of the more grown up stories, several classics adaptations (Great Expectations, Emma), Shakespeare (there were even 3 different adaptations of Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet, some anime style). My little sister has recently got interested in Shakespeare and I though this is a wonderful way to read the plays.

What made me really excited was the three Agatha Christie books there, all 3 which I took out. To tell the truth i’ve never actually read one of her books but seen all the Miss Marple  screen adaptations and many of the Poirots. I found the graphic novels quite an enjoyable way to revisit some of the stories with a cup of tea and breakfast at the weekend. They don’t take long to read and are a nice satisfying way to get from whodunnit to Poirot reveals all. Two of the novels (Dead Man’s Folly and Peril and End House) I know who did i, but was still enjoyable to go through the story in a new way. Dumb Witness was a new one and I didnt guess the murderer.

There are many more in this series and if i ever see more in the library I will be sure to snap them up. You can find out more about them in the ‘recently read’ Good Reads in the sidebar



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