Austen for Everyone

The works of Jane Austen are as popular as ever and over the years adaptations have graced our screens. Some, the more traditional adaptations of the BBC and ITV, and other more modern adaptations, my favourite of course being Clueless. These days Austen is everywhere from movies about girls obsessed with Mr Darcy to Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters (p.s. this is a great book).

I was wasting some time while waiting for a bus and discovered that there is indeed an Austen book for everyone





austen action

Marvel Action


And even with a Pulp Fiction cover. The blurb on the back says: “Mrs Bennett is on a mission to marry off her five daughters to rich men. Enter Mr Charles Bingley and his rather fit friend, Darcy. LOVE, LOATHING & BITTERSWEET ROMANCE follow…”


Three Yellow Suits (and a kettle)

Yesterday morning I just couldn’t resist taking a peek inside Hobbs as I was passing, and immediately fell in love with this jacket and skirt. Unfortunately I have no need for a suit, however as separates I can imagine wearing them loads. (just wish I had the cash for them)


On arriving home I settled down with a cup of coffee and started leafing through this month’s Vogue ‘More Dash than Cash’ suppliment and low and behold what caught my eye but this Emilia Wickstead yellow suit (its picture 3). I’m loving the skirt length and the jacket is more a coat than an indoor jacket. Perfect for coordinating when out in the chilly weather.


I then got a thinking, what other yellow suits are out there. Preferably tweed of course. What I found was the Ardvreck Tweed Jacket with Peggy Skirt from Blues and Browns.


Ive been very partial to yellow all year. I really want this kettle


Autumnal Pinterest Board

owl and bonfire

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Despite the fact that its currently warm enough to wear a strappy summer dress outside with no tights or cardigan (unusual for October but I’m enjoying the warmth while it lasts), my brain is getting ready for Autumn. Conkers, pumpkins, wood fires, tweed skirts and wool blankets. Ive spent this afternoon adding loads of cozy things to my Pinterest Autumnal page. Do take a look

Savoury Cheese Muffins


Sometimes you just want to bake something savoury. I’ve had this recipe bookmarked in my Afternoon Tea recipe book for a while and on discovering that I had all the ingredients I decided to give them a go.

I really love this book, which I got as a christmas present from a friend, it has so many good recipes (cakes to quiches to scones) and is really easily laid out. You can see the recipe in the image below. Its really easy to mix and for once I didn’t need to use the kitchenaid (hoorah for less washing up). It makes a really gloopy paste which you put into bun cases with a block of cheese in the centre. The main thing to watch here is how much you put in each of the muffin tins. The first time I made these I put too much in the bottom and didnt have enough to cover the cheese on top.

The second time I made these it worked better. They were a little dry the first time and moister the second. I have no idea why this was although i didn’t bother with the recipe quantity of cheese the second time, as realising it needed more, I just cut a generous square for each of the muffins. More cheese is definitely better.

These work really well for a lunchtime or afternoon snack and are best eaten warm on the same day you bake them. They can last one more day but are really really dry if you leave them any longer (could microwaving to reheat be an answer? I didn’t try). Just be careful eating them too soon from the oven as theres a lot of molten cheese in there!


Recently Reading: Coraline


It was a sunny day and I wanted to sit in the park and read something at lunch so I nipped into the library and had a peek at the graphic novels section where I found Coraline. I saw the film a few years ago and really enjoyed it.

Coraline is bored. Its the summer holidays, she has moved to a new flat in a big old house and her parents are too busy to play with her. While exploring she finds a door that goes nowhere (it was bricked up when the house was split into flats), but one night she finds it open and goes through to a similar world to her own where her parents want nothing more than to play with here, but they have buttons for eyes and things are not quite right. With the help of a talking cat Coraline must work out what she wants.


The graphical adventures of Hercule Poirot


I was browsing around in the library recently, and was excited to find that the graphic novel selection has somewhat exploded. There were 2 whole shelves, not counting the ones on the stand and those in the children’s section. I do love a good comic. Its a totally different medium of reading a book and some of the artistry is great, and can be so varied in styles.

Not only did I find the usual superhero type comics but also several of the more grown up stories, several classics adaptations (Great Expectations, Emma), Shakespeare (there were even 3 different adaptations of Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet, some anime style). My little sister has recently got interested in Shakespeare and I though this is a wonderful way to read the plays.

What made me really excited was the three Agatha Christie books there, all 3 which I took out. To tell the truth i’ve never actually read one of her books but seen all the Miss Marple  screen adaptations and many of the Poirots. I found the graphic novels quite an enjoyable way to revisit some of the stories with a cup of tea and breakfast at the weekend. They don’t take long to read and are a nice satisfying way to get from whodunnit to Poirot reveals all. Two of the novels (Dead Man’s Folly and Peril and End House) I know who did i, but was still enjoyable to go through the story in a new way. Dumb Witness was a new one and I didnt guess the murderer.

There are many more in this series and if i ever see more in the library I will be sure to snap them up. You can find out more about them in the ‘recently read’ Good Reads in the sidebar