Poorly again

little grey rabbit bedside

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I was feeling a little run down in the week then at 3am on 14th February I woke up with the most horrible cough and haven’t been right ever since. It seems there is a bug going round which people are saying “oh I had that, it took 3-4 weeks to go”. You know you’re properly poorly when all you want to do is lie in bed and not even watch telly.

Its beginning to get a bit annoying and boring at the moment though and all my brain is doing is obsessing over shoes. Im on the hunt for the perfect pair of wedding shoes and while i’ve been in bed I have been looking everywhere online I can think of to try and find the perfect pair. I have possibly found the exact ones however in peacocks which i randomly bobbed into on Monday (just need to try them on tomorrow and see). While i’ve been lying in bed i’ve thought of so many things which I want to write about. Ive been adding loads to my pinterest of the new spring fashions, so expect lots of rambles about shoes and handbags.

There is one silver lining, in that once you are better you are so glad to be better and full of all the things you want to be doing (like try shoes on, clear/sort out my beauty case, tidy my wardrobe, put pictures on the walls) that you might actually have the positive feeling to get things done.

Im just hoping that it goes soon


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