A dress for Lorraine found at Lindy Bop

Back in May I wrote a post about recreating the outfits worn by Lorraine in Back to the Future, and indicated a problem in finding a match for this dress. (image source)

lorraine dress original

However I have found this purple dress by Lindy Bop which I am quite hankering after for myself.


Lindy Bop, is a range of vintage inspired dresses, of which they have a gorgeous range. I pretty much live in dresses and vintage inspired are my favourite styles for both the fit and the length (usually just below the knee). So many dresses in high street stores that are ‘vintage inspired’ tend to be way too short and so companies like these are like gold. There are so many dresses here that I want and the prices are really reasonable. The downside to buying online is not knowing what the fit will be like, although i’m tempted to order one or two when I next have a bit of cash, and usually once you know how a make fits you can transfer it to the rest of the range (i.e if you are a 12 or a 14, or M or L, something which I’ve found out already for Bettie Paige Clothing when I bought my sailor dresses)


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