Happy New Year

vintage new year

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Happy New year to everyone. I woke up to blue sky and sunshine, and floating around the house tidying to disney princess album and eating marzipan chocolates I am feeling very positive. I also walked 3 miles in the early hours of the morning (feeling healthy but a little achey). I would like to wish everyone all the best for this year and the future.

This is traditionally the day for New Year Resolutions, however I don’t make these, I make March Resolutions which are much easier to keep (the days are getting warmer and longer than nights after the equinox, the flowers are spring from the ground and everything is a very positive time where you actually want to do things). However I am going to try and reinstate some of the last few years resolutions which have lapsed since autumn:

  • Eat 2 or 3 pieces of fruit before lunch (its recently lapsed to one or none)
  • Moisturise face every morning and cleanse every night
  • Use mouthwash every night
  • Walk a mile a day (I’m finding new ways of keeping fit in with my current lifestyle this year, maybe swimming)

I wish you all the best with any resolutions or decisions you are making for this year and the future.

p.s. there are some lovely vintage New Year cards to look at on pinterest


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