A dress for Lorraine found at Lindy Bop

Back in May I wrote a post about recreating the outfits worn by Lorraine in Back to the Future, and indicated a problem in finding a match for this dress. (image source)

lorraine dress original

However I have found this purple dress by Lindy Bop which I am quite hankering after for myself.


Lindy Bop, is a range of vintage inspired dresses, of which they have a gorgeous range. I pretty much live in dresses and vintage inspired are my favourite styles for both the fit and the length (usually just below the knee). So many dresses in high street stores that are ‘vintage inspired’ tend to be way too short and so companies like these are like gold. There are so many dresses here that I want and the prices are really reasonable. The downside to buying online is not knowing what the fit will be like, although i’m tempted to order one or two when I next have a bit of cash, and usually once you know how a make fits you can transfer it to the rest of the range (i.e if you are a 12 or a 14, or M or L, something which I’ve found out already for Bettie Paige Clothing when I bought my sailor dresses)


South West Bloggers Christmas Party


Yes, I know, I meant to get round to posting this ages ago but it slipped through the net whoops. Back in November I found out about the South West Bloggers Christmas Party (via Hayley) and immediately booked a ticket. I’ve never been to a blogging event before and was really excited to meet new people with similar interests. Joining the South West Bloggers Network (facebook) is a great way to meet new people and discover new blogs.

The Party was held in The Birdcage in Bristol, a lovely cafe in Bristol which is also part vintage shop and part stage for musicians. I was rather tempted by some rather fun Christmas jumpers, and there was a lovely square scarf with blue elephants on it (whoever took the photo of me holding it and pulling a silly face, id love to see).  The event was also in aid on Macmillan, a very worthy cause supporting people, friends and families affected by cancer.


I arrived only knowing one person but settling down with a cup of tea and some cake i started chatting with various lovely ladies. Im afraid that I was having such a lovely time that i hardly took any photos. There was a wide selection of teas in pretty china and I had some nice coffee cake. Later on there was even a teacup full of bubbly with mini strawberries. When we arrived we were given a little piece of coloured felt which organised us into teams for the quiz, this was great because it got you meeting even more people. This was where i totally failed, I really know nothing about high fashion and such things but it was very fun having a giggle and trying to guess the answers. The team I was in did come last BUT we won the best team name, Lets Get Quizzy With It, and won more cake! Wooo Cake!



There were even surprise gifts under the Christmas Tree (I waited till Christmas Day to open mine). I got a lovely little goodie bag from Macadamia, I haven’t used the hair products yet but the hair brush is brilliant and i’ve switched to using it every day (thanks!). There was also a little party bag at the end with sweets and this gorgeous butterfly scarf which matched my outfit for the day. The evening ended with some live bands and much more chatting and I had such a lovely time.

I know its a bit late but thank you to all the organisers, to the Birdcage, the bands and the companies who gave us the christmas presents.

Four free good reads on the Kindle


image source

I dont personally own a Kindle, I prefer to hold  a paper book between my fingers, however I can appreciate what a marvel they are, having access to so many books in one device. One marvellous thing is the wealth of free books (older out of copyright) and also the resurgence of out of print novels, which it probably hasn’t been profitable to re-publish.

If you are looking for a good read this year here are a few recommendations:

  • Persuasion by Jane Austen – The story of Ann Eliott who is re-introduced the the man she was persuaded to decline becoming engaged to when she was very young.
  • Lady Audley’s Secret by Mary Elizabeth Braddon –
  • The History of Tom Jones, A Foundling by Henry Fielding – theres nothing stuffy about this historic romp of a novel with heaving bosoms, highwaymen, adventure and love.
  • Three Men in a Boat – When three (hypochondriac) friends (and Montmorency the dog) decide to take a boat trip down the thames they get lost in a maze, go swimming, get rained on and have an unfortunate incident with a tin of pineapple.

All these books can also be bought in paper form but theres lots out there in digital format to explore

Recently Reading: Poison and Night Terrors

shirley jackson and blackheath

Quite a while ago I heard about the book We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson via The Black Apple (cant seem to find the exact post tho) and it intrigued me. Later I discovered that the author had also written The Haunting of Hill House of which the two films The Haunting are based. When I discovered that the library had them I immediately moved them to the top of my reading list.

We Have Always Lived in the Castle is about Merricat who lives with her invalid uncle, and elder sister who was acquitted of poisoning the rest of the family several years ago. The family live in seclusion, disliked by the village folk but when a cousin arrives breaking their solitude things begin to change. I really really enjoyed this and it wasn’t at all scary as I had thought (no haunted house story as I had thought)

The Blackheath Poisonings by Julian Symons was made into a TV mini series in 1992 that I vaguely remembered. When I saw that there was a book of it I immediately decided to read it. I really love victorian big house murder mysteries where there are complex family relationships and almost anyone can be a suspect. The book was written in the 1970’s and was probably one of the first of what I think of as the ‘new Victorian sensation novels’ containing all the plots which couldn’t ever have been talked about back then.

The Haunting of Hill House also by Shirley Jackson was an excellent book but slightly more scary. Its one of those books so excellently written that although nothing much actually happens (the 1999 film had a whale of a time with CGI) it really gets you nervous (similar to the 1963 film version). For some daft reason I was so sucked into the story that I actually read the whole last third of the book alone in the house at night. The story is about Eleanor, who unhappy at home, joins a research trip to a large house which has a reputation of being evil in order to study the psychic phenomena occurring there. With strange noises, patches of cold air and mysteriously closing doors it is one creepy experience – how i survived reading it alone at night I don’t know.

(all images from amazon)

A well read year

reading vintage bath

I have always been a great lover of books, when I was a child I read all the time and by the time I was 18 owned about 200 books and was a great visitor to the library. Over the years I have gone through phases of reading loads or not reading at all depending on my personal situation at the time. In 2011 I suddenly got the urge to re-read some of my Christopher Pike novels (one of my favourite authors as a teenager), once I had run out of them (sadly many of my books went to charity shops when I was at uni) I started re-buying all the ones I used to own as well as all the rest I hadn’t read. I love Christopher Pike novels, they are usually teen thrillers but some with an element of the supernatural or aliens in, and at roughly 200 pages each they are such fun to devour. I always thought they were in a higher bracket than all the other teen horror as you never quite knew how the story would end, good doesn’t always triumph over evil and the boy may not get the girl (she may be a vampire alien ghost for all you know!).

I really got into the mood for reading (and that time I was commuting lots by train), and started buying both old favourites and new reads from amazon marketplace (often £2.86 a book) and I always have a book in my handbag. At the start of 2012 I decided to blog about all the books I read as a nice way to keep a record of my reading for future and also to share the books I loved with others. (see the books category on the right) Unfortunately I read so much and didn’t get round to writing it all up, something which I need re remedy this year, both with the backlog and the books I’m currently reading. I do unfortunately have a dreadful habit of reading too many books at the same time, something which I was doing reasonably well at controlling, although when a new library book arrives these have to take precedence over owned books. This is what I currently have on the go: A Traveller in Time by Alison Uttley, In Your Face by Scarlett Thomas and Stonestruck (current handbag book) by Helen Cresswell.

books 020113

For Christmas my family got me an Amazon voucher (joy!) which handily works for marketplace books and on sunday I ordered around 20 or so books (should keep me going for a while) including some obscure victorian sensation novels, lets just say you will be hearing a lot about Mary Elizabeth Braddon this year (and I even found an Edwardian Zombie Novel!). Everyone has their own taste in books and you can probably guess that mine tends towards the fantastical rather than real life, if you do get inspired to read anything that I review I would love to hear what you think. Happy Reading!

Happy New Year

vintage new year

Image Source

Happy New year to everyone. I woke up to blue sky and sunshine, and floating around the house tidying to disney princess album and eating marzipan chocolates I am feeling very positive. I also walked 3 miles in the early hours of the morning (feeling healthy but a little achey). I would like to wish everyone all the best for this year and the future.

This is traditionally the day for New Year Resolutions, however I don’t make these, I make March Resolutions which are much easier to keep (the days are getting warmer and longer than nights after the equinox, the flowers are spring from the ground and everything is a very positive time where you actually want to do things). However I am going to try and reinstate some of the last few years resolutions which have lapsed since autumn:

  • Eat 2 or 3 pieces of fruit before lunch (its recently lapsed to one or none)
  • Moisturise face every morning and cleanse every night
  • Use mouthwash every night
  • Walk a mile a day (I’m finding new ways of keeping fit in with my current lifestyle this year, maybe swimming)

I wish you all the best with any resolutions or decisions you are making for this year and the future.

p.s. there are some lovely vintage New Year cards to look at on pinterest