A clear nose


“Christopher Robin had wheezes and sneezles, they bundled him into his bed. They gave him what goes with a cold in the nose, and some more for a cold in the head” – Sneezles from Now we are six by A A Milne (image source and full poem)

Its the time of year for sniffles and bunged sinuses and when theres so much excitement in December its not something you want to miss. I’m currently trying everything to make my head better. Here are a few tips for easing stuffy sinuses

  1. Steam Inhale, with either a fancy gizmo or just a bowl and a towel over your head. Drop a tiny amount of menthol crystals (chemist recommended them woh they’re potent)/olbas oil into hot water and breathe deeply.
  2. Soak in a nice hot steamy bubble bath with a book
  3. Eat a hot curry, nothing like it to get your nose running
  4. Do the washing up, its surprising how leaning over a hut tup of water helps (its that steam again)
  5. Watch a film which will make you cry, yet another good way of clearing the nose (Atonement is probably a good bet for this although Steel Magnolias was quite useful to me last week)

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