A Tradition of Christmas Pyjamas

It has become a tradition that every year I buy myself a new pair of pyjama bottoms for December. These are ‘lounging’ pyjamas as in what to wear mooching about the house when you aren’t intending to really get properly dressed. I like to have something a little special, the first I got pink cheque with silver sparkles, then some amazing ones that pink unicorns and pink castles and pink peacocks (etc…you get the picture). Since i’m busy saving for the wedding this year I thought I wouldnt bother but then I looked at the River Island website. My rule is not to buy something unless it makes you go ‘oooooooh wow amazing’ but I was spoilt for choice.


The floral ones were in the shop and were a little thin for winter, unfortunately they didnt have the others. Although the leopard is, well leopard, and the reindeer ones are nice I am totally in love with the baroque tiger ones. I’ve never bought pyjamas online before and am a little hesitant as I usually go 2 sizes up with pyjamas but they usually have a tie waist so maybe i’ll go one up and see how I go

This summer I had been thinking of getting myself some satin pyjamas to wear around the house at weekends but had trouble finding the perfect pair so I think I’ll revisit that in spring when its not so cold but here are my top choices. The main problem was paying for nice satin ones when for only £20 you could get silk.

satin pyjamas

Satin and Lace Pyjamas at Boux Avenue and Green Silk Pyjamas at Patra


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