Season for Sequins

December is undoubtably the season for sequins, and not just a little embellishment but ALL OVER sequins. I think there’s something about the darkest time of year that makes us want to sparkle, sort of a human version of christmas lights. I saw this black gown (yes its not just a dress it’s a Gown!) in French Connection and immediately was longing for an occasion (and the cash) to wear it, im thinking some spectacular function from a spy film. They also have this sleeveless number for a more slinky appearance.

Last year on impulse I bought this green dress, I think it was the colour that enticed me. It was a little large (they only had 1 size left) but it wasn’t too bad. The dress has a very low back so you can’t wear a bra and has a tendency to slip off the shoulders (tape will be needed). I had planned to wear it to my work xmas party but I was ill and couldn’t go, so its been sitting in my wardrobe ever since. Also i’ve lost some weight so i’m really not sure what to do with it. The question is what kind of an occasion do you wear all sequins to? Admittedly you could just wear it down to the pub if you wanted to. All over sequins make quite heavy material so you must’t be going anywhere too hot, but this also means that it can help hide some of the lumps and bumps that you cant hide with thin skin tight material. I really need an occasion to wear this, maybe i’ll just make one. Anyone fancy dressing up?

green sequin dress

Of course if you really want to wow wear red! Two fabulous examples of this are Eva Green as Angelique Bouchard in Dark Shadows

Image Source

…and of course Jessica Rabbit (whom I idolised growing up)

Image Source


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