Christmas crafting with the WI

I wrote a post in September listing some goals for autumn, while not completing all of them i have knitted stripy scarfs for my nephews (more on that later), learned how to use my sewing machine (although not used it since and unfortunately my embroidery class had to be cancelled due to a flood) and joined the Women’s Institute.

I dont know why but i’ve always rather wanted to join the WI and when some new friends told me they were members and directed me to the webpage i went to the very next meeting I could, which turned out to be the AGM but also a talk on foraging. The next meeting was a canopies and cocktails demo (with some hands on) and tasty samples.

Theres loads of things that go on outside the meetings and I signed up for a christmas crafting evening. This unfortunately however meant me having to get a bus at 6:45 last thursday, JUST AS THE STORM WAS OVERHEAD, and despite waterproof coat, PVC skirt and waterproof trousers I still got a bit soggy on the shoulder, elbows and toes – I really dont think ive EVER been out in rain that bad, i needed windscreen wipers for my glasses though they probably wouldnt have helped it was that bad.

Anyway I made it and the crafting began. The class was run by a lady who’s business card i have totally lost so unfortunately can’t credit (whoops), and we made cinnamon and orange bundles, clove baubles and cute little flower (holly) arrangements. They really were very simple to make, although the cloves do take a very long time, but once youre all chatting away it doesnt really matter 🙂


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