Winter Knits

You know the ones I mean, its the christmas jumpers, usually argyle ones with snowflakes and things around the top. For a few years i’d been wanting one of these and last autumn I found the fox cardigan. Last week I saw a jumper in a shop window. It was brown and white with two reindeer and pine trees. I had to have it. There was a bit of a worry when it vanished from the window (the Yellow Shop on Walcott St, Bath sells second hand/vintage clothing so it was likely to be a one off) but there it was on Saturday… and another one two. I really couldn’t decide which was nicer and in the end thought hey ho, together they cost the same as the fox cardigan so why not, I mean they are the nicest I’ve ever seen in a shop. Im wearing the light brown one as I type this. Its so cozy and they are both going to become a prominent fixture in my wardrobe this autumn/winter. Whats nice is its not a christmas jumper, its a winter forest jumper.

p.s. if you do ant a christmas jumper they have a whole rail of them at the back of the shop but as the shop assistant said, they’re gonna go by december.


2 thoughts on “Winter Knits

  1. Question says:

    I’m not sure if you mentioned the store you bought them from. So if I may ask, do you know of any online clothing sites that would sell sweaters similar to those? I love them!

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