I Love my Library

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Whenever I move to a new town one of the first things I do is locate and join the local library. I grew up going to the library after school and always had my nose in a book. While over the years I have bought many many books (often second hand) much of my reading is thanks to the library.

A lot of the books I read these days are out of print and I buy them second hand, however some books are full price and you can’t always justify the cost. My library is brilliant since its joined together with all the neighbouring counties and you can order books from other branches (costs 70p but still cheaper than buying new). Here is a peek of what I have out at the moment.

Cook Books: I do have a lot of cook books but I only like to buy the ones which I know I will make a good proportion of the recipes. If I can its often useful to get the book from the library first. Alternatively its just a good source of endless recipes to try (and note down your favourites). When the Gentleman of the House saw the film Julie and Julia he really wanted to read “Mastering the Art of French Cookery” by Julia Child and last week there it was. He is also home brewing and I found a book

Craft Books: Learn a new craft! Im continuing my knitting (been learning from the internet so far) but its nice to take a look at a variety of books too. Also you can learn something new just on a whim and for no cost.

Ive got a big wish list of books on my account, I’m excited about reading them but have to order one at a time or ill never get through them.

If you’re not a member of your library you so should join, they do DVD rental too


One thought on “I Love my Library

  1. Eleni Drinks Tea says:

    I really wish Bath library was better – endless shelves of Mills and Boon but they never seem to have anything I want! I know the offer the ordering service but lord help me if I can ever pin down a member of staff to help me! It’s such a shame. I remember my local library filling me with awe when I was little. These days I rely on http://www.bookdepository.co.uk to feed my habit!

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