Stuff I’ve not been getting round to writing about

As you can see I haven’t written anything here in AGES which is mainly due to being busy then getting tired and not feeling inspired to write. I have however got up to all sorts of things that i mean to write about so will summarise

  • Went to Mrs Stokes’ Secret Tea Party (sadly though my friend was poorly and couldn’t come)
  • Went to Bea’s Vintage Tea Rooms with Becky
  • Went to Bea’s Vintage Tea Rooms again the next day with Hayley
  • Went to Amy’s wonderful Jubilee party, made a 3 tier red white and blue victoria sponge cake, met the lady who makes these amazing accessories, and drank cava in a hot tub!
  • Made a chocolate birthday cake for Nik, who I’ve recently started joining at rollerskating
  • My friend Maxwell has been named 6th in the world (that’s in the World!) at the World Barista Championships, following winning the UK Barista Championships. Isn’t that so amazing!
  • Read yet more Christopher Pike novels and started on the Northanger Horrid Novels
  • Went to the Prohibition 1920’s party with my new friends Eleni and Sarah (and more of their friends)
  • Made stoneground wholemeal bread (tasted too healthy) and white bread
  • Got a ticket for the Topshop Autumn collection preview in London
  • Started my new site West Country Vintage
  • Got to level 89 blacksmith in Skyrim (determined to get to 90 this weekend)…… urm could that be why i haven’t been blogging……