Cold Brew Coffee

Cold Brew Coffee

Its been hot hot hot this week and while i still wanted my coffee on saturday morning, i just couldn’t face hot coffee. Whats the answer? Cold coffee. But I’m not talking about coffee thats gone cold or iced, I’m talking about coffee thats brewed cold.  Colonna and Smalls has one such brewer. If you just cool coffee down thats been brewed hot the flavour will totally change, I’ve often noticed this with the varying coffees I’ve tried over time, so here is a different take which makes what i imagine is the essence of coffee

Hario Cold Dripper at Colonna and Smalls

The apparatus pictured is a Japanese style cold dripper (made by Hario) which brews the coffee using cold water. The water drips through the mechanism over a period of 4 hours. From what i gather it acts differently on the chemistry of the coffee, some compounds are taken out of the coffee while others are kept in. The result is reminiscent of a coffee liquor and it actually reminded me of coffee liquor chocolates. Im not really sure how to describe the taste but it was delicious. The beans in question were Ethiopia Sidamo Deri Kochoha Guji Washed from Has Bean

I think one of the highlights was the glass which it came in which was so fancy and sophisticated and really added a special something to my morning.

You can see a Japanese video of how the Hario Cold Dripper works


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