Back to the Future

Back to the Future is such a great film both for scifi and period costume. As you will have probably gathered from reading this blog i love clothes from the 1950s, particularly the ordinary everyday clothes. Ive put together here some outfits inspired by Lorraine throughout the film

One of the easiest fifties looks to recreate is the mid length skirt and cardigan. The skirt length however was a little tricky as until recently the ‘midi skirt’ was just not fashionable at all, pretty much since the mid nineties. Luckily this resurgence has meant they are more accessible. Otherwise, if you can’t find the right skirt look for vintage reproduction or just shops that are aimed at the over 40’s

back to the future lorraine blue

Oasis Cardigan Debbenhams. Skirt Eastex.


The 1950’s style prom dress is something that will never go out of fashion.

Lorraines Enchantment under the sea dress in back to the future

Movie picture source. Whirling Turban Dress.


At the beginning of the film Lorraine is wearing this check dress. This was the most difficult to recreate since it needs to look sweet and pretty but not too girlish. These days its difficult to find anything with a peter pan collar which isn’t either 60’s style with a high waist or incredibly short

back to the future lorraine peter pan dress

Movie picture source. Stop Staring Doll Dress and Chelsea Dress Daddy Os. Simplicity (3796) Etsy Lazy Days Design. Simplicity 2797 Moms Patterns. Irene Dress in Pink with Chocolate Bow from Laura Byrnes Black Label at Pinup Girl Clothing. Berverly Dress Heartbreaker


One thought on “Back to the Future

  1. Eleni Drinks Tea says:

    Hello, I’ve finally found your blog! We met at the Secret Tea Party 🙂

    I ADORE Back to the Future! The trilogy rides high in my top ten (yes, the whole trilogy!). I have often fantasised about a BTTF-themed wedding: I’d ewar the peach prom dress, our first dance would be ‘Earth Angel’ and it would segue straight inti ‘Johnny B Goode’ to get the party started 🙂

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