Take one biker jacket

When i was a teenager i had a proper biker jacket. It was so cool and i utterly adored it. Sadly it was on the teensy bit on the small side (bought it off a friend who it didn’t fit) and so eventually off it went to the charity shop. Ive always wanted a new one. This one from Topshop is rather gorgeous, and although its not all padded up for biking it will go really well with a variety of outfits. The thing about the biker jacket is because it doesn’t naturally go with anything, you can “make” it go with anything… with a bit of careful thought

one leather jacket 2 looks

Traditional Leather Jacket from Topshop

A walk in the park

Shirt: River Island.Classic Pretty Floral Pleated Skirt: Bon Marche. Shoes: Matron yellow pat pu Office. Katelyn Womens Bag: Joules

A night on the tiles

Black bow cropped top: River Island IRIDESCENT ALL OVER SEQUIN SKIRT: Topshop Red or dead deena sandals: Schu. LYDIA SATIN WRIST STRAP CLUTCH: Accessorize


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