Marina Aquamarina

“Marina, Aquamarina. What are these strange enchantments that start whenever you’re near” – Stingray theme

Aquamarine, probably the most delicate of all the pastels. Too much green and you have mint, too much blue and its turquoise. Its a most floaty and serene shade wonderful in soft fabrics in summer but unfortunately a colour that does not suit me. There is however quite a lot of it about this spring to oooh at:

aquamarine fashion board

(1) Robert Clergerie Era Ankle Strap Flatform Sandals ASOS (2) LIGHT BLUE BANDEAU PEPLUM DRESS River Island (3) CURVE SEAM CIGARETTE TROUSERS Topshop (4) PANEL BODYCON SKIRT Topshop (5) KNITTED POINTELLE DETAIL CARDI Topshop (6) Zip Detail Dress Oasis (7) JANUARY VINTAGE PEEP SHOES Topshop

Theres also a lovely chiffon blouse and pencil skirt in H&M but i couldn’t get pictures of them


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