Tuesday Tea: Morocco (Mint and Spices)

Morocco mint and spices tea

Todays tea is actually an infusion so in this case I’m using tea bags (you don’t want your cinnamon floating around on the top). Ive found in the past that its difficult to get a nice dried mint tea. The instructions always say brew for 4 mins but i find anything more than about 8 seconds and it tastes nasty. The best of course is fresh mint (Kaffeine in London do an amazing one) which you leave in the water and it never goes bitter. Although you can grow it yourself on a windowsill that isn’t always possible (i recommend apple mint plant and use about 4 leaves for a cup and leave them in). Spiced teas is something i also love, although synonymous with winter and christmas they can be lovely all year round.

I think i may have once had this drink in a cafe somewhere but i found it recently and thought it sounded nice. The balance between the freshness of the mint and the warmness of the spice is delicious. I haven’t worked out how long to leave the bag in for (i did about 10s while the pack said 4 mins) but i guess i have lots to practice with.

My personal preference is for my spiced teas not to be sweet and many infusions contain a lot of liquorice or vanilla. This does have a bit of sweetness but with a short brew time its not too noticeable.

For a fancy touch use a moroccan mint tea glass (but make sure its heat resistant glass)


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