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Books - Glass book of the dream eaters and Gimme a Kiss

Today we have a classic example of what I’m supposed to be reading versus what I’m actually reading. The clue is in the size differences a whopping 753 pages versus 122. My reading list is becoming very skewed of late, virtually everything that i have that isn’t by Christopher Pike is over 500 pages long so you can guess which I’m reading

Books from side Glass book of the Dream eaters and Gimme a Kiss

The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters by G.W. Dahlquist (2006): This was recommended to me when it first came out by a friend. To be honest it just looks like a me kind of book, it has a weird title, its all pretty and steampunk ish looking with pseudo victorian adverts in the back (which i presume will relate to the plot). It seems to be a Victorian mystery novel (although you sort of assume thats the time period from the descriptions in chapter 1) but i can imagine theres something out of the ordinary lurking within the pages. The problem is that I’m not really getting in to it. I read the whole of chapter 1 (64 pages) then felt like i needed a break. It may just be that these days authors tend to switch between scenes quicker but i don’t know. It seems that you can get the book in its 10 separate chapters, a bit like Charles Dickens and Wilkie Collins originally wrote their novels in magazines. I imagine it works quite well like this and so this is probably how i will proceed, chapter at a time. The plot is certainly very intriguing (i.e. theres a lot we need to find out) so I’m really hoping that i get into it soon

Gimme a Kiss by Christopher Pike (1988): Another one what a surprise! If you are wondering, I’m buying and reading through the books of my favourite author as a teenager (as i had to get rid of some of my copies, along with me Nancy Drew’s when i went to Uni – very upsetting). This is one of his earlier works and doesn’t have any time traveling alien ghosts in it – yes he does actually write straight thrillers (I just didn’t get round to reviewing those here – ill do a big post later). Jean Retton keeps all her private thoughts in her diary, but when a mishap (or was it deliberate) gets it photocopied all over school all she can think about is revenge. Who should she trust? Who is out to help her and who is out to harm her? It was a very enjoyable read and only took over a couple of days.


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