Tuesday Tea: Lapsang Souchong

(oops this was supposed to post yesterday)

I really love tea, but I’m not talking about those little dusty tea bags you buy from the supermarket (which is ironically the only tea i don’t like), Im talking about the amazingly huge variety of teas which exist but most people don’t know about. Even I didn’t know a lot about tea until a few years ago when i started going to The Tea House Emporium in Bath. Joining their extensive knowledge (which they are more than happy to share) and some extra reading (wikipedia i love you) my knowledge grew and i tried so many different varieties (and even attended a tea tasting). I really love that there is so much out there to taste and explore and I would really like to share this knowledge with you all, hence Tuesday Tea. Considering my tea cupboard (yes i have a cupboard entirely dedicated to tea) contains over 15 varieties currently so theres lots to come.

Lapsang Souchong

For some random reason it is possible that Lapsang Souchong is the first tea i ever tried. It is a black tea with a distinct smoky flavour and smell, traditionally smoke dried over pinewood fires. The smell actually reminds me of the Jorvic Viking Museum in York, but don’t let that put you off its amazing. The tea originates from the Wuyi Mountains in the Fujian province of China, but obviously cultivation has spread elsewhere.

Many Chinese teas you will find stories about how they originated. According to wikipedia “The story goes that the tea was created during the Qing era when the passage of armies delayed the annual drying of the tea leaves in the Wuyi hills. Eager to satisfy demand, the tea producers sped up the drying process by having their workers dry the tea leaves over fires made from local pines”

Tea shown in photo bought from The Tea House Emporium


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