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books See you later and the Visitor by Christopher pike

See you Later by Christopher Pike (1990): Mark fancies Becky but she has a boyfriend. When Mark makes some new friends who seem rather too keen that he goes out with Becky things start getting a little strange. Also theres a spaceship but i don’t want to give too much of the plot away. I just love the American cover of this book (UK version is just scary eyes) and the tagline “A story of love and hate beyond time” very epic.

I think my favourite part was when Vincent shows Mark his computer game that requires 1mb RAM which “only one in ten computers have”

The Visitor by Christopher Pike (1995): I don’t think i actually ever read this back in the 90’s. Ive just started reading it. So far its the usual stuff; teens, with parents out of town, who’s friend was killed last summer have a seance to try and contact him. The blurb on the back says “Who is Tom? Where does he come from? But is Tom even Human?” and since i haven’t met a Tom yet I’m really quite intrigued to know. Oh and did i mention a flying saucer also makes an appearance


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