A Floral Flashback from Mint

Mint shop

Last week the gentleman of the house and I went to Mint , a designer boutique selling pre-owned clothing in Bath. I’ve walked past it loads but never actually been in before. While the label on a piece of clothing doesn’t really interest me, what i do like is something well made that fits perfectly and looks good. The first thing i spied was a large square scarf with a picture of a fox (alas not in my price range) on but then i saw something floral peeking through on the steamer stand. The lady behind the counter was really friendly and helpful and looked up the price for me, and low and behold it was in my size and my price range! (and quite reasonable too).

The dress itself is a floral sun dress probably from the 1980’s with one of those sash collars which cover your shoulders (I’m not so much a fan of sleeveless).

1980's floral sundress from Mint

When people think of fashion and the 80’s generally the feeling is “oh dear”, it was all baggy baggy, dropped waists (sometimes dropped to the knee), enormous shoulders and puff sleeves. But like any era it had its bad but also its good. One of my favourite aspects is probably the longer skirt length. Back in the mid 90’s midi length dresses and skirts went out of favour (it was something your mum and grandma wore) and anything i was wearing either very short or reached the floor. These days i much prefer a skirt which covers the knee, mainly because its just so much more flattering and you don’t have to worry that any slight breeze will show the world your undies.

I was having a search on google images for these kind of dresses but alas couldn’t think of the right terms to search. I did however find these sewing patterns at Moms Patterns, all of which i would be perfectly happy to wear this summer made up in floral patterns (even the ones suggested on the images)

momspatterns.com Butterick 5265

momspatterns.com Butterick 3895

momspatterns.com Butterick 6325

momspatterns.com Butterick 5944

You can buy these patterns at Moms Patterns Butterick 5265  Butterick 3895  Butterick 6325   Butterick 5944


One thought on “A Floral Flashback from Mint

  1. dapperdolly says:

    That’s a beautiful dress and reminds me of retro Laura Ashley, I too love those sash collars as they are so smart and feminine yet as you mentioned, add coverage. The patterns you’ve posted are beautiful and I remember there was a lot of floral in the 80’s, much like now it was dresses, skirts, leggings, trousers, jackets – practically everything. It’s interesting how such a romantic trend ran alongside the loud block colours and loose shapes but then again colour blocking and neon colours are also back in fashion with florals now!

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