Not Cross Buns

I suddenly decided on Good Friday that i wanted to make hot cross buns. Last months Jamie magazine was pretty much all about baking for easter and included a recipe (along with Cornish Saffron buns which i plan to make in a few days). Ive never made sweet breads before and thought it would be fun to try, and make some easter treats for my friends. The difference here however is that i omitted the customary cross on top (a little too high tech for me i thought) so these are Not Cross Buns.

Not Cross Buns Dough

The recipe started the same as the Chelsea Bun dough then went on to add the candid peel and currents. the first thing i discovered is that it is impossible for the dough hook on the Kitchenaid to turn 20g of butter and 500g of flour into breadcrumbs, the quantity is just too small and the small chunks of butter just kept getting lost (luckily the gentleman of the house was on hand do some hand mixing for me – my manicure and flour/butter just do not mix). Next time i try a recipe like this I’m going to melt the butter.

Not Cross Buns Dough balls

The dough rose and the house started to smell rather nice. It was really easy to divide the dough but i think my rolling of the dough balls needs a little practice, as you can see there are some very interesting shapes. And tada! we have sweet buns. They smell like hot cross buns and taste like hot cross buns and i do hope that my friends enjoy them. I have to say that making sweet breads is really fun and i already have a queue of recipes in mind.

Not Cross Buns


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