London: Prufrock

Around the World in Tea and Cake (& Coffee again)

The Gentleman of the house has been wanting to take me here for ages and the other weekend we popped in for a coffee. Located in the City of London Prufrock is dedicated to providing people decent coffee

“our message is really to approach your coffee like you are a cook. Weigh your ingredients, regulate temperatures, time your extractions, clean your equipment, and read and taste as much as you can so you know what you have sourced and love what you are serving” – Prufrock Website

A light and airy large room with a counter bearing pastries and a brew bar where you can see the coffee being made. Theres probably a load more I could say about coffees and science but I only nipped in for an espresso (very nice) and may have more to say when I return again. When we went there it was really quiet but apparently its usually busy. They have a huge array of coffee making equipment available to buy

They also run a barista resource and training centre catering from individuals to groups


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