Tis the Season

Unfortunately it seems that tis the season to be sneezing and when you’re curled up on the sofa under 3 blankets and feeling bleugh here is some of my advice. Everyones bodies are different but these are my top tips of the day

  • Moisturise! Your nose and upper lip area are likely to get dry and sore and painful. Make sure you moisturise this area every few hours (use unperfumed or it will sting). Use lip balm or vaseline on your lips and even cover your nose to make a protective barrier. If your nose gets really bad rub Sudocrem well into it (although not when you’re going out in public as its white). You may look silly but its good protection (especially at night although beware of it getting on your pillow)
  • Moisturised tissues. This may seem a bit extravagant but its worth it (saves some of the pain mentioned above). You can get moisturised tissues but if you want to get more for your money some loo roll comes with shea butter and aloe vera these days!
  • Hydrate! Lots of water, orange juice etc (natural no chemicals). Ribena is really good for a sore throat (people tend to recommend it hot)
  • Honey Glycerol and Lemon. You can buy a bottle of this is chemists, its a cough syrup but all natural so your not worrying about mixing medications
  • I tend to avoid caffeine when ill as i read once that it inhibits herbal remedies (no idea if this is true or not) although i do like a nice cup of lapsing souchong tea
  • Avoid dairy if your nose is bunged
  • Garlic! if it kills vampires its also good against bad colds
  • Hit it with the herbals. 1 capful cider vinegar, juice of half a lemon, half to one tsp honey all topped up with hot water (I tend to do half a mug). Don’t smell it, just drink it. All the ingredients contain magical antistringant type properties.
  • Steam inhale! I have a fancy gadget from boots for this but the basis is dissolve some vicks vapour rub in hot water and breathe in the fumes (easy method is a bowl with a towel over your head
  • Hot showers of your face and hot baths. Steam is good for temporarily clearing the head
  • and finally keep warm but also get a little bit of fresh air by opening a window once in a while or bobbing your head out the door so as you don’t fester in stale air

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