A Family of Furry Hats

Hats are really important in winer. A warm head and warm ears makes for a happy body. I do have a large collection of hats, I buy a new one every autumn (mainly for the fun of it). This year i received a present from the Gentleman of the house in the form of a Jaguar Print furry hat. I haven’t worn it yet but its going to be deliciously warm when the cold weather hits (the only slight hesitation is how it will go with my snow leopard print coat and leopard print bag – they say “friends don’t let friends wear more than 25% leopard print” but some days this can be a little tricky – lets call it eccentric and be done with it)

The acquisition of my new hat has now completed a family of furry hats.

family furry hats

Left – This belonged to my grandma, its probably from the 70’s or something. Its rather chic and I think of it as my Dr Zhivago hat

Middle – This belongs to my mum and I used to be mortified when she wore it out in public. Its probably from the 80’s. She did have a similar one in brown but I don’t know what happened to that. I haven’t yet decided yet whether to wear it in public (or what coat it will go with)

Right – this is my beautiful new jaguar print hat (by …) It was lucky we got it when we did since the small boutique shop upped and moved to T… the following week. The hat is fleece lined and so huggable. Ive not worn it yet but I imagine it will be making its debut soon

Theres an episode of Red Dwarf when the Cat wears a white fur coat and hat. It was so beautiful, I wish I had a photo to show you


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