Be Preapred

ms clipart winter girl

Some people have all their christmas presents wrapped and their christmas cards written before December even starts (I know I’ve met them). Im not that organised although I did see the merit in buying some presents as early as October so as to spread the cost over a few months rather than just one. Here are a few tips from my experience

  • Buy your wrapping paper on a day you are not buying anything else. Wrapping paper is large and difficult to carry especially since shops don’t usually have the right size bags for them and they try to escape every time you don’t have your eyes on them
  • If you do need stamps buy a whole load of them at once when the shops/post office isn’t too busy. Stamps are useful things to have and last so it doesn’t matter if you buy too many
  • If you are buying a real tree and taking it in a car put an old bed sheet down first. Although it sounds obvious its not necessarily the first thing you think of and will save ages of brushing and vacuuming later
  • Calculate your dried fruit. If you bake its likely you will be making lots of fruit cakes. Get a list of all the quantities of the various dried fruits you news, total them up and hit the shops (or order online so a nice man will do all the heavy lifting for you)
  • And finally if you really really want to be prepared and thrifty (like my mum), buy your christmas paraphernalia in January when they’re all reduced (that is if you have the storage space)

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