glitter bubbly

It is an inevitability that at this time of the year glitter will get everywhere. I just got it all over the sofa while emptying out the baubles and I dread to think what will happen once i get the christmas cards out of the box. The Gentleman of the house will not be pleased… although he may become a little sparkly as he did when I gave him the box of cards to hold in the shop.

Things to remember about glitter: It won’t wash off your hands easily and  sticky tape will not stick to glitter paper

However edible glitter is super fun for putting on cakes and even adding to champagne. When you first pour some fizz on it you get the most beautiful effect like a snow globe, after that it floats and can be stirred to revive the effect (although if you do this at a party be prepared for finding glitter months and months later as it gets everywhere)


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