Let there be light

I have always loved candles. Theres something so peaceful and beautiful about a candle lit room. The best kind of candles are the ones that you can’t knock over so you don’t need to worry too much about. When I was little I had loads of floating candles. My mum bought them from IKEA, they were red, green and white and i loved them floating about in a glass bowl (also my mum approved as one tip over and they’re automatically extinguished)

More recently I’ve been a fan of the church style thick pillar candle. Although they don’t use all the wax when they burn they do make an excellent mantlepiece display. Tea lights are also invaluable for my oil burner and my little snowy pottery house in which a candle gives it a warm wintery glow

Last weekend we went to IKEA and since its not often I have access to that many cheap candles, i stocked up! Im really looking forward to redecorating the mantlepiece


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