Bioshock is too scary (but oh so pretty)

When Bioshock 2 first came out I saw the cover and thought ooooh pretty, then I though oh its a first person shooty game and thought no more of it. That was until I borrowed the original Bioshock of someone and was mesmerised.

The whole look of the game is futuristic steampunkish gothic 1940/50’s art deco, all with that mysterious green underwater tinge. The setting is the underwater secret city of Rapture, built…. but descent into a dystopian society of mad genetically and surgically altered inhabitants. Its a beautiful (if dark and falling apart) place to explore and I was having great fun trotting through the scenic rooms …then I got scared… when the crazy party mask wearing deformed nurses tried to kill me. My record time for playing it alone in the evening was 10 seconds and its unfortunate that I haven’t touched it since. The plot is super and the artistic style so beautiful with that air of 40’s gothic which is so me. Ill have to tackle it again sometime, but ill need someone to hug and maybe some daylight.

On the other hand Bioshock Infinate is due for release sometime and that looks to be set in daylight so may be better for me…but who can tell just from the trailer?

image source


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