This month I have mostly been reading about Vampires

This month I have mostly been reading about Vampires, and it was totally unintentional. It was only when I was going on a long train journey and was deciding which of my currently in progress novels to read came to this realisation. The Choice was Eclipse (Stephenie Meyer), Blameless (Gail Carriger) and Carmilla (Sherridan Le Fanu). To be honest I do like a good vampire book, especially when theres mystery, elegance and romance. When I was twelve I had already read Dracula and was busy making my way through the Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles.

Carmilla is one of the original iconic vampire novels. Its by Sherridan Le Fanu and can be found in the collection of stories In a Glass Darkly. Where Dracula is seen as the original iconic male vampire, Carmilla is the female (lesbian) equivalent and appears again and again in stories (ever seen the film Lesbian Vampire Killers). Written in 1872 it tells the tale of Laura who lives in a “picturesque and solitary” castle in the midst of an extensive forest in Styria (Austria) with her retired father. Her loneliness is interrupted by the arrival of the beautiful and mysterious Carmilla who’s past we know nothing and tho two girls become inseparable. Of course mysterious and terrible events are to follow. It was a really enjoyable read and free to download as an eBook too! (I got mine from iBook store)

Blameless is the third book in the Parasol Protectorate series by Gail Carriger. Set in an alternative Victorian London where Vampires and Werwolves are integrated into society and scientists invent crazy inventions, we follow the life of Alexia Tarrabotti, a young woman who when danger approaches will not hesitate to whack it over the head with her parasol. The first book is Soulless and I really reccomend the series.

I hesitated to read the Twilight Saga at first as I’m not 14 and really don’t care about teen angst, however I have found them quite enjoyable. Ive currently nearly finished Breaking Dawn and I’m desperate to know what happens (before someone ruins it by telling me or the trailer for part 2 comes out. For me the best parts of the books are the histories of the characters; how and when Carslile became a vampire, where did Alice come from (neither of these covered in the film). The worst parts are when Bella and Edward are alone and talking about their feelings. I am enjoying the books (although I think I prefer the films, apart from the bits they missed out as previously mentioned) although I think I would have enjoyed them more when I was 14 (I probably would have bought the film merchandise but its all Edward or Jacob, give us Jasper! he’s the best looking)

Next Vampire book: Anno Dracula (can’t wait to start it but have library books to finish first)

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