The Wicked Lady

Last weekend I was invited to such a fun Halloween party, everyone dressed up and I got to once again wear the Goth Dress. I’ve had the goth dress for many a year but don’t get that many opportunities to wear it, it was originally bought by my mum for me to wear to my university ball but as an occasion dress it spends most of its time in a wardrobe. The dress is from which sells “Fairytale, Gothic, Bohemian and Historically inspired alternative clothing”. When I say gothic, I’m talking about the elegant style, long flowing velvet medieval style dresses which you can float around ancient ruins in quoting tragic poetry. Ive always wanted a long velvet medieval dress and always wondered what it’d be like to go to sainsburies in it.

This year I dressed up as Lady Barbara from the 1945 film The Wicked Lady, a 17th Century lady who becomes a highwayman. Its a great film, full of romance, murder and mayhem, action and melodrama. Nobody knew who I was of course (some thought I was a pirate) but it was great fun dressing up all the same. All i needed to buy for the costume was a tricorn hat (pirate hat yey) which I adorned with a lace shawl to make it more feminine and create an identity concealing veil.



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