Perfect Pancakes

I didn’t buy any croissants yesterday which means nothing for breakfast today, but with a few ingredients i can whip up some pancakes (American Pancakes I’m talking about). My granny used to make these for me when i came to visit, on to the griddle with the batter, onto the plate goes the mountain of pancakes. What I always loved was that they were all different shapes, and sometimes I was allowed to help and write letters in the batter. I never knew what recipe granny used but there are plenty out there on the internet. The trick is finding the perfect recipe. When you look up pancake batter you will be overwhelmed with so many different ratios of the flour-milk-egg. A few years ago I found this recipe (somewhere on the internet) and wrote it in a notebook. Ive never been able to find it again and not had much luck with other recipes, some made the batter just far too thin and some just made too much (and you can’t half an egg to half the quantity)

The following is my recipe which makes light fluffy mini pancakes, the trick is to have them rise at the beginning for a truly fluffy taste

300ml Milk (full cream!)

200g Self Raising Flour (sifted)

1tsp Baking Powder

1 egg (free range of course!)

(1 knob melted butter – I’ve never actually bothered with this though due to the faff)

Whisk together the egg and milk (in a 1l pyrex jug is useful). Sift the flour and baking powder. Whisk all ingredients together. The recipe says to make a  hole in the flour and slowly add the wet ingredients but i just bung the flour mix in the jug with the milk as its easier and Mix Mix Mix (you really do have to mix thoroughly to get it smooth, I tend to use a fork so the batter doesn’t get stuck in a whisk). Heat a large frying pan on a medium heat and add butter (I also add rapeseed oil) then add spoonfuls of the batter. About 1tbsp per pancake seems to be about right. Let them rise then turn and keep turning till they are as you like them. Eat them all because the batter really doesn’t last more than a day)


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