Because the Times told me to (…or was it the Guardian)

If theres one thing I love on a Saturday morning its settling down with a coffee and pastry and browsing the saturday supplements (fashion ones that is). My favourites are the Times and Guardian which seem to include all the things i love in a magazine, especially the recipe sections, love hugh fearnley-whittingstall’s section, it was Quinces yesterday.

My slight problem is the ideas it gives me leading to shopping. These have included in the past yellow nail varnish and chiffon pleated skirts (both however are things ill be wearing in the long term). The yellow nail varnish was actually quite quirky (if you put an undercoat on because the rimmel one stains) and midi chiffon pleated skirts did catch on as a fashion so I was able to buy lots (more on that obsession another time)

I’ve been really wanting one of those jumpers which epitomises winter, you know the ones I mean they look sort of Scandinavian and make you think of skiing and curling up by the fire, the ones with the pattern in a circle round the neck. Well I hadn’t found the perfect one over the last few years but I’m always keeping my eye out. Theres quite a nice cream/brown all over patterned one in M&S which would look great with a tweed skirt and there was one in H&M with cats on but somehow wasn’t quite right.

Then yesterday This happened: Oh my gosh look it has foxes on it… and within 2h it was mine. IT HAS FOXES ON ITS SO CUTE! (p.s. its from Urban Outfitters)

urban outfitters fox jumper


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