Flapjacks Yums

Yesterday there wasn’t much food in the house and I couldn’t be bothered with making bread, when I suddenly thought: Flapjacks! Flapjacks have been around forever and something that you can always find in a childhood memory, not any specific occasion but i definitely remember enjoying them.


I did a bit of searching for a not too complicated recipe (and one that measures golden syrup in spoons as opposed to grams – as if I’m going to actually weigh the syrup, what a mess that would make, and a waste). Since its the first time I’ve made flapjacks i started with this simple recipe from Delia Smith’s website. The only alteration I made was adding a handful of currents (I then got distracted looking up other recipes and I’m dying to try this apricot and pistachio one.

making flapjacks

The result was really yum and very chewy (although if you eat 2 your teeth feel like they might dissolve), and they’re definitely something ill make again, really quick and easy and not too much washing up either. The ones I remember as a child were much drier and less syrupy so I wonder what they were made from. Im really looking forward to trying different recipes which have varying proportions of Sugar/Butter/Golden syrup to see which combination makes the nicest. I also came across this interesting article from the guardian about making the perfect flapjack, it also muses that the heaviness of many of the commercial flapjacks you buy may be due to the addition of flour.

Revised link http://www.deliaonline.com/recipes/cuisine/european/english/flapjacks.html


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