Sophisticated Sailor Girl

Brighton closed merrygoround

A few weeks ago the gentleman of the house went to Brighton for a techy conference, and along I went too, soley for the purpose of shopping and cake eating. Both produced fruitful results (although the latter resulted in groans of uuuuu too much cake)

I was wearing my Laura Ashley 50’s style sundress (with the postcard print) when i remembered the first rule of the seaside – don’t wear a circle skirt – wear a pencil skirt – its windy!

The highlight of the day was my visit to Dollydagger to buy these gorgeous 2 dresses which I’ve been wanting for 2 years ever since i saw this photo of someone wearing the blue one on flickr. The dresses are by Bettie Paige Clothing and are the most amazing fit ever, especially for those of a curvy nature. They make you go out and in all the right places.

Betty Paige Captain flare dress blue

Betty Paige Red Captain pencil dress

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