Searching for Boots

Its that time of year again when the boots start coming out of the cupboard and you settle in for 6 months of wearing nothing but boots. I do have a very lovely pair of brown Clarks riding style boots which I’ve had for 4 years and although they’ve been re-souled/heeled several times theres a hole in the toe which keeps coming open.

Ive always rather fancied having a pair of boots that you could wear if you were in a sic-fi action film. You know the type, calf high, flat, buckles (I’m thinking Firefly/Serenity) But then again i also rather like the victorian lace up type but they tend to have heels (I know I have some) and heels really don’t work in a practical environment (well not for me anyway)

Last year i saw some nice ones in Next but they seemed to vanish. Ive found some contenders for this year, both from Dorothy Perkins, lace up grey ankle brogues and knee high flat lace up black. Lets just hope they fit

In the meantime ballet pumps + legwarmers (as long as it doesn’t rain)

serenity dvd cover
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One thought on “Searching for Boots

  1. Blondie says:

    I ended up buying some really cheap, very flat, faux suede boots – they had a couple of straps and buckles and were all the rage in sunny Wiltshire a few years back (mostly on teens, but hey…) – but they were so Serenity I had to have them!
    I also have a plain riding boot from Dorothy Perkins, which are in their 7th year and just get better. I have also got a Victorian style pair of heeled lace ups, and a a knee length flat brogue boot. I have a few less successful purchases – lovely boots from Dune and Office which were really expensive but only lasted a few wears. Good luck with the search 🙂

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